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November 5, 2013


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I don't have the slightest f*ckin idea.
Is there a technique?
Some people have told me to do lots of fanart, like... great freaky fanart like Dan Luvisi or Dave Rapoza style.
  • What do I think:
    I think that people in majority don't have the slightest idea about image construction. Composition, color balance, values, design, etc, etc. They don't know shit. But they have a feeling about how things should look like and they like shit around, because of a ...gut feeling. That feeling is all the things above that I mentioned but without really knowing they exist. Is like. When you have a feeling you shouldn't do something, because it feels wrong. Well that's your instinct telling you "you don't know shit about this, but somethings up that you didn't study for son".
  • Why do I think people like fanart:
    Fanart is about characters we already know and that we're all fans about. Like popular characters. People like those characters, know those characters and above all, LOVE those characters. And what does people like the most these days? Is to get involved at stuff. Like "uuuuuh I know those guys! They're my favorite blah blah blah!". That's a major rule about society these days. PEOPLE LOVE TO HAVE A SAY ON ANY SHIT and don't like to look like stupid fools on something they don't know about. Today people don't care about your character smart design, or your perfect landscape composition, or your sweet and delicate color arrangement, your eye catching and solid values. People like having something to say.
  • I also think that great art shines by itself and gets the attention it deserves. Always. So being mediocre or part of the huge bunch of "artists" trying to make it out is going to be a hard time if you're seeking to be popular also. You should practice like... big time. Don't matter if you're under the shadow of the huge new wave of artist and illustrators. You shouldn't give a crap if they're 24 or 21 and working for D&D or Wizards of the Coast on their little super cool secret assignments. You work your ass off until you get so good, people will want to work with you.

-  Some eye catching techniques fer paintin' like BAUSSSS:
Techniques that will make any viewer want to click the SHIT out of that little thumbnail they just passed by browsing the main gallery.

  1. Style: WHAT?! who the fuck is Brom. you wanna do some serious and realistic look on those characters? You studied in an atelier? Pff! ... the real Mandingo here does his shit Japanese style biAAAAtch. Throw some Anime on that shit, glossy skin and tinny noses, huge eyes. Nobody cares if they look all the same or if you made them with smudge tool all the way? BOOBS and ASS dude!! Boobs and ass indeed.
  2. Female: Put some real "gurl" on that shit, pornstar category. Some chick you would love to see coming and walking away from you. I mean ass, and tits yo. And show some skin for Christ sake!
  3. Armor: It's all about the SWAG yo! Wanna make that armor look "realistic"? Shut up. That's for wimp ass nerds. The real Yolo Mc Swag constructs an outfit that covers a 5% of the body and leaves out the vital organs. It isn't comfortable, it doesn't work, BAM! Looking hot B!
  4. Bling: Spell caster aren't we? Want to portrait a fine representation of a Baldur's Gate spell? Some... Charms Person? Magic Missiles?... SHUT UP. Put some plasma! Genkidama style. And saturate the shit out of that thing! Make it look like a major League of Legends 5 v/s 5 clusterfuck.
  5. Fur: You have some freaky secret sexual fantasy about your pet?!?!?!? That's ok man. Perfectly normal ............................ perfectly normal.
    Paint that literal bitch with them six titteis and you'll get all the furry action you need bro. Animal instinct ftw!! YEH!
  6. Background: Nobody cares about that shit, just overlay a fucking image and put some filters on it. Some motion blur and we're all set!
  7. Details: J J Abrams has nothing to apologize for?! LENS FLARE MOTHERFUCKER! and Color Dodge the FUCK out of it.
So, this was made for the laughs, is not that I'm pissed off or frustrated because of me not getting attention and stuff. It's just a topic that makes us wonder why are some artists more popular than others. They get eventually so popular that they think they're the shit. Or categorized even as the Worlds Best Artist by some local newspaper when all of the credit is given by a bunch of 16 year old horny kids.

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Ari-87 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013
omfg best journal i've read on DA since i've joined :iconclapplz:

Like I know you made this as a joke, but I'm not laughing man you just perfectly pointed out the flaws in DA. I've seen some really talented artists who make nice fanarts but end up hearing them talk shit about it and them just do it for the views during livestreams. Pretty sad.
milidryn Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
love this one! Hahahaha! So true though...
SY-Paint Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Student General Artist
best tutorial ever. 
even better laugh.
animemanda Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hahahahaaa, laughed my ass off with this journal. Put a nice voice with it and bang you have it.
But yeah I get the problem, but I don't really care.
I mean, you make art because you love it, not because you want to be popular (you have these kind of guys).
Anyway, I guess most of the people would read this journal and be thinking: "What the faq. This ain't a tutorial."
HAHA, Got you bitches XD
HFesbra Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
damn right bro. true words there.
animemanda Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
damn right XD
Dobbylove Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
You seem a bit frustrated to say the least. It appears as if you want to have fame here on Deviantart, but you do not seem to like the website... Perhaps another forum ould be more appropriate for your goasl? :)
HFesbra Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
it's a joke dude (girl). take it or leave it. and i get what you say. actually i don't pay that much attention to deviant art, because i don't really like the community. I think it's a great platform for showcasing your artwork, but the community sucks (that's a personal opinion). But is a good read of what's out there in the world and what's really popular v/s what isn't. Just trying to be funny to myself once in a while. is good to laugh you know.
Dobbylove Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sorry if you took ofense by my comment, it was only friendly advise. I enjoyed your little rant very much^^
I wholeheartedly agree with your sarcastic comments of the deviantart community, the mainstream opinions are sadly quite unoriginal and probably would be better to stay at tumblr...
HFesbra Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
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