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Characters design by BLACKSADD

Esto es arte de concepto asi que todo se trata acerca de la idea del personaje. Y tengo que decir que cada uno de estos tiene su person...


Fairy House sketches by HFesbra
Goblin Sneak sketches by HFesbra
Cancer by HFesbra
Sketches are made on an full hour of crunching design and concept. It's practically me putting all idea and creativity in a single hour the fastest and hardest I can (sweat that brow BOI!). It might not look like a clean "Oh! I'm gonna hang it on my wall" thing, but it gives you a great and solid starting point for any idea you want to work on.


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So. I told like... YEARS ago I would be uploading very frequently the comic I'm working on right now. The thing is that I've come up with several issues regarding the design of the characters and the "style" of the comic itself. It's been years (for real) that I didn't made any comics so I'm very rusty on what used to be my artline. Besides I used to make them traditionally so the texture of a wacom tablet is quite different. What I'm doing right now is working on character sheets, concept art and artline. I'm trying to define and test a better style so it doesn't change everytime I develop an inch further.

What I promise. Is to deliver a quality thing. I retract myself from saying that I would deliver 2 pages per week. It's quite difficult and a page a week is cool if I want to have fun with this and make something to remember. So I beg of you patience.

What's Empire of Ashes about?

EoA is a fantasy story that begun years ago when I was about 14. A couple of characters I thought were cool. I used to be a great fan of Samurai X and LOTR so I kinda mixed those two and made a story up for them. Not very original back then.

The story at the end developed further into a "complex" project of 3 characters that were connected somehow. 3 different generations in 3 different context. The story takes us to see the beginning, transition and end of a nation, the shattering of a failing system. Old gods that were extinct are risen again to life with the coming of a new age of war and conflict. I like to take my things into a political level and get inside into the trickery of leaders and the strategy of war... very influenced by Frank Herbert's writing in his Dune saga. What a small man can do to change a nation, to change the mindset and system that already rules with an iron fist. Is it death the only destiny of the one that swims against the current?

Why Empire of Ashes? They were some major eras in this world. The last two were known as the Age of Gods where mythical and magical beings ruled the world in peace and stability. That ends with the Age of Fire, when everything burned and man became suddenly the owner of an injured land left behind into oblivion. Thus began the Reign of Man or as called the Empire of Ashes. Where everything is dormant, deities are dead, and the wonders of the old world are buried under old tales of fantasy.
The story starts with Ellan, a small kid that grows into a man as he fights to change the destiny of a nation. Then it goes dozens of years forward with Layos, a single cold blooded mercenary and hired assassin that will have to deal with the important decision of doing what's safe and doing what's right. And finally with Erim. A young sensible highborn that might be the triggering character of the end of an age and the beginning of another.

I've been always fascinated by todays events. All of the plots and swirls that nations must do to conquer. The need of killing to protect your own. The things that one must do so the world keeps on going. Why? Why all this madness. We have built a castle of fear and blood. Religion, politics, society. Because we all fear death.
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Felipe Escobar Bravo
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
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:matteo: F.A.Q.:

:bulletred: Q: Do you take commissions?
:bulletblue: A: Yes I do. :)

:bulletred: Q: How much do you charge per "X" (x = any image required by client):
:bulletblue: A: It depends on many things. What kind of budget do you have, what's going to be used for, detail required, how much time do you want me to spend on the piece, etc. I take care to make a fair price so it suits you well.

:bulletred: Q: Do you work for free?
:bulletblue: A: No I don't. I finished University a couple years ago and now I have to live from what I do. So sadly I don't do any art for free anymore, because I wouldn't be able to pay my rent.

:bulletred: Q: Can I use/post/share some of your work for free?
:bulletblue: A: Of course. As long it's non commercial work and not looking to resell it. Any work here available might be used for this purposes as long you credit me and link the work back to my DA or ArtStation website.

:bulletred: Q: Where do you get inspiration?
:bulletblue: A: Music mainly. OST's or some related epicness like Wardruna or Two Steps From Hell. Almost anything that allows me to daydream. Lustmord and Alien OST are a huge deal also.



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